November 21, 2017
London, UK

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FPSO Predictions 2016: The Industry’s Annus Horribilis

In this article, we take a look at what the rest of 2016 has in store for this most innovative of business sectors, and whether a light at the end of the tunnel lies ahead for one of the greatest oil... Read More

Can FPSO Industry Players Learn to Trust One Another?

Now the price of oil has fallen again, the urgent messages shared at the FPSO World Congress, calling for the industry to change, are more relevant now than ever before. A fundamental change in the way industry players work together needs to happen, but how? Click above to download this article and get the inside view, based on IQPC’s research... Read More

What Makes FPSO Redeployments so Difficult (And How to Fix Them)

FPSO redeployments are one of the key features that make FPSOs cost effective solutions for field developments, however this strength has been undermined by a growth in inefficiency. Whilst the market for redeployable FPSOs is potentially huge, the industry needs to work together and learn how to make FPSO redeployments cost-effective again.... Read More